Innovation | Regional development | Europe
Broad subjects, which can only be tackled successfully by focusing on the profile.


Innovation is not just a catchword for us. Our focus lies on initiating innovation processes and guiding them to the desired result. Irrespective of the sector or type of institution, we concentrate on identifying innovation potentials, assessing them and creating the right general conditions in order to realise these potentials. This includes all phases of the innovation process, but particularly the sourcing of public financing aid and its associated tasks.

Regional development is closely linked to innovation. For us, this means monitoring development trends and developing matching strategies and concepts at an early stage. Acceptance and feasibility must always be kept in mind in this respect. We will be happy to take over the responsibility for implementation in the form of project and regional management, and the subsequent evaluation.

Europe for us stands for a regular change of perspective, and for forward-looking thinking beyond the edge of one’s own teacup. We monitor the rich fund of suggestions, ideas and financial aids which Europe offers us on a daily basis, and access them for our clientele. We have been and are in close touch, sometimes for many years, with the people in Europe and potential project partners by means of various networks and co-operative efforts, and benefit greatly from different cultures and approaches.