MCON Consulting

Dieter Meyer Consulting GmbH, or MCON for short, based in Oldenburg/Oldenburg, originated as an innovation consultancy for small and medium-sized companies in particular. At the beginning of the 1980’s, the central areas activity included feasibility studies, innovation financing, research and development and project management.

From 1989, in the course of the reorganisation of the EU structural policy, activities were gradually expanded to public clients. Regional analyses, regional promotion, regional development and regional management were now the key words, and gradually gained in importance. Structural programmes and initiatives such as Objective 2, Objective 5b, LEADER, RETEX and INTERREG emerged, and were successfully implemented and evaluated. Valuable experience was gathered in Europe-wide projects and networks.

By the mid-1990’s at the latest, the connection between innovation and regional development was also made “official". The concept of "regional innovation strategies" publicized by the EU was tailor-made to take the best possible advantage of the knowledge and experience which had been gathered in the meantime. In the north-west of Germany, but also in the Netherlands, in Poland and beyond.

The concept of innovation can hardly be dissociated from the current discussion about regional development; in funding policy, it is generally an absolute must – also for LEADER and INTERREG; in development concepts, in subsidy applications, in regional management, in projects. Familiar terrain.

Innovation I regional development I Europe – complex topics; for MCON a coherent and clear line of development.