Getting something moving in Europe presupposes a "direct line"?.

MCON has therefore successfully applied for the representation of Europe Direct, and has since 1997 been one of currently 55 of these information offices of the European Commission in Germany. As a contract partner of Directorate General, we act as an interface between the EU institutions, our 480-plus partner institutions in all member states of the EU and beyond and the people in our region.

Europe Direct Oldenburg is available as a contact partner to all citizens for questions covering all aspects of the European Union. Amongst other things, we provide a comprehensive selection of maps and brochures, together with an extensive list of links, which offer access to a huge range of information.

Europe Direct Oldenburg, in conjunction with its European partners, also offers interested parties a platform for the search for project and co-operation partners for all types of projects.

Further information on Europe Direct Oldenburg and direct access to information all about the European Union can be obtained from