Eurodesk Oldenburg

Innovation – Regional development – Europe. These three subject areas are characterised equally by the dedicated orientation to the future.

Corresponding strategies, programmes and projects therefore affect not only the decision-makers of today, but often also future generations. It is therefore particularly important to us to involve young people in the corresponding development processes from the very beginning.

One instrument to integrate young people in this sense is Eurodesk, a Europe-wide network of youth information offices, for which we have taken over regional sponsorship on behalf of Eurodesk Germany and the "Fachstelle für internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V." (“Specialist office for international youth work of the Federal Republic of Germany").

Eurodesk Oldenburg is one of a total of over 900 service points in 29 European countries. Eurodesk assists young Europeans free of charge and impartially, and with the aid of all sponsors, if they want to find out "about Europe" or gather foreign experience. Specialists involved in youth work can also find out about national and European subsidy programmes here.

Further information on the services of Eurodesk can be obtained from