Rapid information on the policies and programmes of the European Union - comprehensively prepared with relevant comments. This is the central claim associated with the Euro-Office project.

The foundations for the success of Euro-Office are the broad background of experience and the close co-operation with the districts and independent towns in Lower Saxony involved in the project. By means of this trusting interaction, with over 50,000 confirmed direct and indirect contacts per year, we quickly reach interested parties and potential project sponsors from all groups of society.

An ongoing “helpdesk" and in-depth consulting services and training opportunities help to ensure that information can be processed efficiently and – whenever possible – can be implemented into concrete projects.

A comprehensive electronic archive with detailed information on programs guarantees the partners a convenient handling of large amounts of data.

In this context it is important to note that Europe is not a one-way street. On the contrary! Due to the close contact with the European Institutions, it has been possible to place regional interests successfully – be it through personal contacts or in form of projects or also programs. Regional unity always has proven to be a key to success!